API-first ledger-engine for business applications

Product Overview

SumoLedger is an API-first ledger engine for business applications. It can transform the business events produced by business applications into proper accounting entries.


A ledger is a system that records accounts and movement of money (or lets say value in general) between them. SumoLedger runs on a ledger system that is immutable, supports multi-currency, maintains double-entry accounting for transactional consistency and supports a transactional state-machine.

SumoLedger provides no-code configuration APIs, to define the accounting policies and controls. This approach ensures a separation of concern where the finance and accounting team define the configuration(accounting policies and controls) and technology team produce the business-events for an automated and real-time accounting.

All-in-one engines for financial products

  • SumoLedger is a combination of three different engines: Ledger Engine, Product Engine and Tariff Engine.
  • Ledger Engine handles core accounting tasks following double-entry bookkeeping standards
  • Product Engine handles different financial products allowing users to set rules and controls for each
  • Tariff Engine handles rules and controls for pricing structures, interest, commissions, and rebate to specific accounts.


  • Tailored: Designed specifically considering the needs of BFIs
  • No-code: Allows customization like defining accounting rules, tariffs and controls with no-code experience
  • Pay-per-use: Ease of subscribing to self-defined Products suited to the business’ requirements
  • Tariff: Built-in Tariff Engine defining pricing structures, interest, commissions and rebates
  • Asset types: Supports Multi-asset, Multi-currency Model
  • Account Hierarchy: Offers a hierarchical chart of accounts, offering a structured view of your financial data.
  • Reports: Produces “Accounting Events” (ledger posting) that can be consumed by downstream apps
  • Logs: Maintain detailed Access, Audit and Error logs
  • Workflow: High transaction processing capacity with up to 1000 transactions handled per second per ledger account
  • High-Scale API: Serves end customers directly with a robust API.
Sumo Ledger Basic Flow

My experience with RaraLab has been nothing short of exceptional. Their team’s proficiency in addressing challenges, coupled with their proactive approach, has significantly contributed to our product’s success. RaraLab’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has solidified them as a trusted partner in our continuous product evolution."
Subrat GyawaliProduct Owner, Sumo Ledger