A Product Design & Development Boutique

We are based in Nepal, surrounded by hills and overlooking dthe Himalayan range. We are inspired by the beauty and diversity of our country, and we strive to reflect that in our work. We are a team of passionate, talented, and fun-loving people who enjoy learning new things and exploring new possibilities.

We have culture we value.

Problem Solving
Passion for Problem Solving
Our team is fueled by a deep-seated passion for overcoming challenges.
Diversified Team
Diversified Team
Our portfolio spans diverse industries, including Fintech, ERP, Healthcare, Fitness & Lifestyle, AI, and ML.
Global Collaboration
Global Collaboration
With over 20 successful projects delivered to clients across continents, our culture thrives on global collaboration.
Venture Pioneers
Venture Pioneers
We don't just develop solutions; we create ventures.
Resilient and adaptable
Resilient and adaptable
We’re able to cope with changes and uncertainties in the market and the industry.
We understand the needs of our clients and exceeds them with our expertise and experience.

Delivering Value at a Scale

“We are proud to share our journey of building a successful IT company that delivers innovative solutions to our clients. We started with a vision of creating a positive impact in the world through technology, and we have been working hard to make it a reality.”
Manoj Ghimire
CEO / RaraLabs
“Our journey has not been easy, but we have overcome many challenges and learned valuable lessons along the way. We have grown from a small team of passionate individuals to a large organization of talented professionals. We have expanded our services, diversified our portfolio, and increased our revenue. We have also invested in research and development, improved our processes, and adopted best practices.”
Abhaya Poudel
CFO / RaraLabs
“We are grateful for the support and trust of our customers, partners, and employees, who have been instrumental in our success. We are also thankful for the opportunities and recognition that we have received from the industry and the community. We are committed to continue delivering excellence, innovation, and value to our stakeholders. We are excited for the future and look forward to achieving new milestones together.”
Tulashi Ram Gautam
CTO / RaraLabs
"At Rara, product creation isn't a destination; it's an ongoing expedition of pushing limits."
Prasidha Karki
PM / RaraLabs

Explore our 10years of innovation & milestones.

Our company nLocate is incorporated.

Yes the name was different! We were revolutionizing the way people searched and interacted with businesses. And we did all that in a tiny room and with big dreams.

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Our first sister company

With a focus on cybersecurity and audit, we started our own accredited audit service company, Bizserve IT. We provided security audits to BFIs and Telecom companies.

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The future wasn’t as bright

Even after 3 years and over 25000 business listings, we struggled to generate enough revenue. And with a heavy heart and light wallets, we decided to close nLocate.

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Strategic makeover as Rara Labs is born

We decided to pivot our business model from single-product company to service company. And we were back in the tiny room writing codes. We grew from 2 founders to a healthy team of 10 engineers.

Rara’s first product is released

Once a creator, always a creator. After a year of hard work, we released a no-code data integration and reconciliation platform for enterprises. And we called it Accord!

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Our first product-company

As a serial entrepreneurs (ahem!) and with Accord at our helm, we started Gokyo Labs to cater specifically to BFIs. Along with Bizserve IT and Gokyo Labs, we were now a family of 3 companies.

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Accounting on cloud

While the world was locked down, we were locked down as well. But we were also working on cloud-based accounting platform for MSMEs. And that’s right we added BIC Tech to our portfolio of companies.

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Another strategic shift

With BFIs and MSMEs in the network and after substantial fintech knowledge, we created a long-term strategic plan: To pioneer data-economy in Nepal connecting diverse enterprises.

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Work Harder, Retreat Harder

Our first major retreat. With over 80 members across our 4 companies, we all went to Chitwan to wind off, have some fun and get to know each other.

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Our team count hit a century

Our member count grew to 100 members.

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Inline with our strategic plan, we launched Myra, a cloud platform with integrated applications for cooperatives in Nepal. During this time we had also grown to a team of over 100 members.

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Anyone can create ledgers!

We realized how hard it is to create error-free fintech applications. So we decided to create an engine for it. We launched our API-first ledger engine. Now any business application could start creating ledger events with ease.

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