Having a good UI and UX — What difference does it make?

Today, it is more about consumers and less about the business. So when it comes to mobile application or website satisfaction, it is essential to keep consumer comfort in mind. A good UI and UX are the touchpoints with your customers.
Having a good UI and UX — What difference does it make?

Have you ever downloaded an app or opened a website but ended up uninstalling it or closing the tab because you didn’t like how it looked or felt? I have done it multiple times and ended up using alternative websites. This is one example of how you might end up losing customers. With technological advancement, everyone expects to spend less and less time doing things without exhausting their minds. The same is the case with websites and applications, everyone wants them to be quick, efficient, and responsive without putting in much effort.

Today, it is more about consumers and less about the business. So when it comes to mobile application or website satisfaction, it is essential to keep consumer comfort in mind. A good User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the touchpoints with your customers. Your website should be easy and practical for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. According to a 2015 survey, the average attention span of a person is merely 8 seconds. If you really want your customers to stay on your page, make sure to give them something of value within those 8 seconds.

This is precisely where the UI and UX design concept comes into place!

A User Interface (UI) is the point of human-computer interaction and communication in a device, application and website. It is created in layers of interaction that appeal to human senses such as sight, touch, auditory, etc. The keyboard, mouse, microphone, touch screen, and website design are all examples of UI. However, let’s focus on the UI of the website and application. As a bridge between user and technology, it can be found everywhere. Imagine yourself ordering food online, the visuals, the buttons you choose, colors, and icons are all parts of UI. A good UI makes the application seamless, easy, convenient, and pleasant.

Likewise, a User Experience (UX) is a feeling users experience while interacting with any product, application, system or service. UX is a broad term and covers a lot of things from color, ease of use, typography, relevancy, speed and how it makes the user feel while accomplishing their desired tasks. The ultimate purpose of UX is to create pleasant experiences for the users by creating easy, efficient, relevant products.

Importance of UI and UX

Having a good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are one of the main factors when it comes to defining the success of the product and conversion. Being able to provide a meaningful, positive user experience helps businesses create loyal users and create valuable insights into their journeys. Let’s explore how it does so.

1.Improves customer satisfaction

A good UI and UX design provide your customer with the right information and easy navigation. This increases customer satisfaction by providing the right and valuable information to those who are looking for it. Moreover, satisfied customers are more likely to refer the service to others and turn into loyal customers. This helps companies retain customers in a long run.

2. Helps understand the need of your audience

A good UI/UX is built upon the needs of your audience. For example, an app that is targeted toward kids is different than the one targeted toward adults. This helps to attract the right audience base to the website or an app and hence the probability of retaining loyal customers increases.

3. Builds brand

A website with good UI and UX that focused on customer experience is more likely to have more satisfied customers than companies with bad design. Moreover, taking customer feedback into account and making adjustments accordingly will the website even more appealing. By improving your service and business credibility, you can build a good relationship with your customers and hence, the brand.

4. Enhance SEO

UX is vital for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as SEO is evaluated on several bases such as speed, usability, and bounce rate of the website. A good put-together content plan along with an enhanced UX will improve the reach. Hence, better UX and usability of the website will increase the organic reach of the website in long run.

5. Increases conversion rate

A well-optimized and accessible website can increase customer satisfaction. Hence, good UI/UX increases customer satisfaction and satisfied customers are more likely to make purchases and turn into loyal customers. This leads to an increase in sales and reach of the website.

Now that, we have talked about what a good UI and UX design brings to the plate, let’s talk about things that can enhance UI and UX.

  • Minimal and speedy website
  • Right use of whitespace
  • Readable and mobile friendly
  • Alignment and navigation
  • Visually distinct elements
  • Real-time feedback

How do UI and UX work together?

User Interface and UX are indispensable from each other. In absence of one, the other can rarely function at its 100 percent. While UX is about function and interactivity, UI is about its aesthetics and usability. However, both of them focus on providing ease to the users.

UX pays attention to the flow of the website and guides users about it while UI is how elements appear to the user and the position of those elements. For example, if the UX team wants to put on a CTA button on the option then the UI team has to consider how it appears from color, size and positioning. Hence, both UI and UX need to work hand and hand to create a usable site for the target audience.


To build a good website, there must be a perfect balance between both and it should be built on an intuitive and emotive base. Building it is a full-spectrum approach that ranges from research, design, wireframes, testing and delivery.

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